• Layering Extension/Extender Chain

  • Looking for a little extra length? This is the perfect compliment to your layering piece or just-too-short necklace. An extension made of sterling silver or 14k gold filled measuring 1, 2, or 3 inches. Matches the rest of my 14k gold filled & sterling silver chains.

    Available for purchase in two ways:

    • Sold as a separate extension.
    You are able to add and remove this extension to any piece of jewelry you own. Comes with a small clasp on the end as shown in the photo.

    • Sold as an extension added to a necklace in your order.
    This extender will be added directly to the end of your necklace, making it easier to throw on your piece and adjust as needed.

    »» Please note: To keep the price point of this item down, the item will not arrive gift wrapped.
  • $3.00

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